Secure Embeds Required on Tempest

What are we doing?

As part of  migrating to HTTPS in 2017, all embeds must be secure. As a result, embeds that are not HTTPS will not be accepted within the Tempest CMS.

Why do embeds have to be secure?

The prerequisite to serving an entire website on HTTPS is that all items the site contains are also secure. This means all images and embeds should be served over HTTPS. This is why the CMS will not allow non-HTTPS embeds to be added as this will prevent your content from being secure once we fully migrate all sites on Tempest to HTTPS.

What about my existing embeds?

We migrated the following embeds to HTTPS on your behalf: Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. This represented the greatest percentage of embeds across the entire Tempest platform.

We will also migrate Vimeo and Soundcloud embeds to HTTPS as they represent the next largest percentage of embeds on the platform. This will be completed as part of our HTTPS transition for all sites on Tempest.

We will not migrate Iframe or Third-Party Javascript embeds as those are a black box to Tempest and there is no way for us to manage this safely on your behalf.

By migrating Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Soundcloud, less than 1% of all pages across the platform will contain a non-HTTPs embed. With time, that percentage will continue to diminish precipitously. We are confident that the total content that will contain an insecure embed will be marginal by the time we fully migrate Tempest sites to HTTPS.

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