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Beautiful imagery and great content are key to engaging audiences. Next week, we’ll be introducing a new format to Tempest called Content Gallery which will allow both images and long form content to be showcased in slideshow format. It is compatible across all devices and  gracefully translated on AMP and Instant Articles. The existing Photo Gallery format will still be available and received minor upgrades, and this new Content Gallery will provide yet another option for great storytelling, and more variety for your readers.

This new format will automatically be released to all publishers on Monday, April 10th and you’ll simply find it available when you go to insert a gallery, image or embed.

Embedding a Content Gallery

Inserting a gallery works just like before with one more step to choose between a Photo Gallery or a Content Gallery. Users can easily toggle back and forth between the two formats.


Editing Content Galleries

We have three separate views to make it easier to manage content galleries: Gallery Information, Slide View, and Grid View.

The Gallery Information view allows users to set the Gallery Title, Gallery Caption and/or manage the display options available. For Content Gallery, the only display option is whether or not to show thumbnails.


The Slide View allows users to easily manage each slide’s content including the photo, slide title, and slide body. Users can also page through the slides to see them in sequential order and mimic the reader’s experience.


The Grid View allows users to easily see all the slides of a gallery in sequential order. Users can also drag and drop to reorder slides from this view.  


Writing for Content Gallery

We added the ability to use all text formatting in slide content including: bold, italic, headings, lists, blockquotes etc. Users can also add embeds such as videos or music players to their slide content.


Display of Content Gallery

The Content Gallery takes up the full column width of a post. Readers can easily engage and navigate through the Content Gallery without ever leaving the full post. This new gallery format works perfectly across desktop, tablet and mobile.


Advertising in Content Gallery

On Desktop, the Content Gallery has a 300x600 unit adjacent and houses interstitial ad units.

On Tablet, the Content Gallery has a 728x90 under the gallery image and houses interstitial ad units.

On Mobile, the Content Gallery has a 320x50 under the gallery image and houses interstitial ad units.

Watch video to see how this translates across all devices:

Content Gallery and Syndication

Due to the constraints of Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP environments, the gallery content will be presented sequentially as part of the body. This ensures that the integrity of your content and imagery is maintained in these environments.

Content Gallery and Analytics

Content Gallery data will be reported to your Google Analytics the same way the Photo Gallery data is reported today. Each slide receives its own pageview.

In addition, publishers can now segment out their traffic to gauge performance by Page Type. This is done by using a Custom Dimension and setting up a Custom Report in Google Analytics.

To learn more on how to leverage this new feature, please visit:

Photo Gallery Improvements

The Photo Gallery received a few small upgrades including a more streamlined editor experience and extended rich text formatting options.

Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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