How To: Track Performance by Page Type


Publishers can segment out their traffic in Google Analytics using Custom Dimensions and a Custom Report to see performance by Page Type. This report will only display the Page Types you have configured on your site. So, if you have Recipes you will see Recipes. If you do not have Recipes, you will not see this page type appear in the report.


Create a New Custom Dimension

Step 1: Sign into Google Analytics

Log into your Google Analytics account by clicking here.

Step 2: Navigate to the "Admin" tab at the top of the dashboard.
Step 3: In the middle column, select "Custom Definitions" which will trigger a dropdown menu. From there, select "Custom Dimensions"
Step 4: Select "+ New Custom Dimension" which will take you to a form. 
Step 5: Apply "Page Type" as the Name. The "Scope" should be "Hit" by default and "Active" should be checked. Click on "Create."
Step 6: The new Custom Dimension "Page Type" will appear on the the Manage screen. This is associated with an Index number. Send the index number to your Tempest Support team with a request to add the Index number to your Site Configuration.

Create a Custom Report

Once the Tempest Support team has confirmed that the Index number has been added to the site, you can create a new Custom Report.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Customization" tab at the top of the dashboard.
Step 2: Click "+New Custom Report"
Step 3: In the "Create Custom Report" form, follow the screenshot below to add Name, Type, Metric Groups, Dimension Drilldowns, Filters, and Views.
Step 5: Hit "Save". Data should start to come through this report in the next day or so. Note that this page type data will only apply moving forward; this will not be captured for historical data. 
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