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We will be releasing a table embed to Tempest on Monday, April 24. This new feature provides yet another way for publishers to structure their content to best communicate with their audiences. The new table embed is super easy to add. You will find it under the same menu when you insert a gallery, image, or other embed type. There are also great editing tools to manage the dimensions of your table, add/remove rows and columns, and to curate the content housed within the table. The new table is also compatible across all devices.

Embedding a Table

Inserting a table works just like adding an image, gallery or other embed type.


Setting Table Dimensions

Users can easily add columns and rows to their table. Once the table is embedded into the post, select the pencil icon to open up the menu of options. The ā€œiā€ icon allows users to define the number or rows and columns for their table.


Deleting or Adding Columns and Rows

Users can always add and/or remove columns and rows to their table.


Writing Content for Tables

Users can leverage standard text formatting options to style their content in tables.


Display of Tables

The table embed is responsive and supported across all devices.



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