How To: Embed Tables

How to Embed a Table

The workflow is pretty simple:

  1. Click into an empty paragraph, hover
  2. In the right hand you will see a + icon
  3. Click on the + icon which will open up a menu of embed options
  4. Select the Table option
  5. Configure and Insert

Watch quick video for visual guide:



Setting Table Dimensions

Users can easily add columns and rows to their table. Once the table is embedded into the post, select the pencil icon to open up the menu of options. The ā€œiā€ icon allows users to define the number or rows and columns for their table.


Deleting or Adding Columns and Rows

Users can always add and/or remove columns and rows to their table.


Writing Content for Tables

Users can leverage standard text formatting options to style their content in tables.


Display of Tables

The table embed is responsive and supported across all devices.

By default, HTML will try to size the columns so that the contents of each column don't need to wrap. That's why some columns may be narrower. If the text content is narrower and does not need as much space, the browser will give that space to the other columns instead.


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