How To: Embed Content in Tempest

How to: Embed Content in Tempest

We support the following embed types on Tempest:

  • Photo - This is just a basic photo embed. Users can also embed multiple images into the post at a time.
  • Gallery - There are two gallery options, photo and content gallery. The photo gallery is intended to showcase photos with short captions; the photo is kind. The content gallery is intended to support both images and longer form content in a slideshow format.
  • Embed (Third Party Embed) - This is for videos, iframes, scripts and/or other special embed types.
  • Table - We now support a table embed option in Tempest which is organic to the platform, meaning, this is our table offering.
  • Video - This is for embedding video content items published on Tempet.

How to Embed

The workflow is pretty simple:

  1. Click into an empty paragraph, hover
  2. In the right hand you will see a + icon
  3. Click on the + icon which will open up a menu of embed options
  4. Select the embed option you want to use
  5. Add the embed, edit the content etc


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