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Tempest provides various tools designed to give publishers a way to promote their own initiatives. The following is a quick reminder of what you could (and probably should!) be leveraging to market newsletters, special articles, promotions, giveaways, classes, product lines, Premium or anything else important to your business.  Any of these can be added and activated by filing a ticket through support. 

Links in the top nav bar:

  • Usually used to feature your primary sections, but they can be anything!
  • For example you can add a highlighted nav button to promote a specific button like "Subscribe."

Links in off-canvas nav:

  • This can be used to feature your full site taxonomy, as well as your footer links.

Footer links:

  • This is a great tool to add low-traffic links with “required” reading - such as terms, contacts, or privacy policies.

Tertiary Links:

  • These live on the top right of site header, another place to feature a few special links.
  • Good for memberships, newsletter, special promotions, etc.


  • These are the buttons to the right or left (or both if your logo is centered) of your logo and a perfect place to feature special articles (e.g. an article promoting your Premium offering).
  • They can also be used to promote newsletters, subscriptions, books, shopping, etc.

Brand Engagement Units:

  • These are full-bleed units you can build into your hub pages or place below your detail pages. This is a high impact promotion that is customizable, and behaves similar to an ad without removing any ad inventory.
  • These units can support a one-click MailChimp newsletter integration, but can be used to promote just about anything and can include social links or custom buttons.
Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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