The Contributor Role


The Contributor role is only able to publish into sections authorized by the site, and only has access to media that the contributor themselves has uploaded.  This permission can be used by sites where crowd-sourced content can be uploaded directly into the CMS.

This role must be added through Tempest Support.

What can a Contributor do?

  • A contributor can log into the CMS
  • A contributor can have access to content item manage pages but only see their content
  • A contributor can access manage photos but will only see images they have uploaded
  • A contributor can add images to the CMS via the editor view and/or manage photos portal
    • A contributor can only see media they have uploaded/created
    • A contributor cannot delete media
  • A contributor can create any content items available on the site such as articles, videos, recipes, basic pages
  • A contributor can publish, schedule, unpublish, and update their content items
  • A contributor can only assign content to a specific section as defined by the site. Meaning if the site only wants contributors to be able to publish to the section “News,” the contributor shouldn’t be allowed to select any other section but that one
  • A contributor can add embeds
  • A contributor can only assign their author profile as the author on content items
  • A contributor can manage their author profile

What can’t a Contributor do?

  • A contributor cannot see any other content but their own, this includes media content
  • A contributor cannot manage vocabularies and rich terms
  • A contributor cannot manage site programming
  • A contributor cannot manage sections
  • A contributor cannot manage redirections
  • A contributor cannot manage all user profiles
  • A contributor cannot manage all author profiles

How do I specify which sections a Contributor can publish to?

You must be very specific about exactly which sections a Contributor role can publish to. This means that if you select a section, the subsections will NOT be automatically included. Please provide a complete list of sections and subsections that you want the contributor to be able to publish to and provide to Tempest Support.

What happens if another user adds media to a content item owned by a Contributor?

Contributors should only be able to see content that they have created. This extends to media i.e. they should only be able to see images (and videos) that they have created/uploaded.

That said, if a user with higher permissions accesses a piece of content owned by a Contributor and adds media, this media will also be made visible to the Contributor in the editor and under "media in this doc."

The Contributor can remove the media from the body content, however, they cannot delete any media from the library. If the Contributor removes media that was uploaded by another user, they will not be able to re-add or re-access that media themselves.

Contributors also cannot edit any existing media.

Can you define which sections a Contributor can publish into on a user by user basis?

No. The sections a Contributor can publish into are defined on a site-by-site basis.

Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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