Clickable Images


How to use:

There is a link option for images in the pencil menu icon. This will allow you to program a link on an image and determine whether or not the link target is no follow.

  • This menu is available on all inline images and images within Photo and Content Galleries.
  • Clickable Images in the CMS are made visually distinct with an underline that indicates the image is "linked," consistent with the reader experience outlined below. This is applied to images in the body, Photo Galleries and Content Galleries.

Reader experience:

  • When a link is associated with an image, it is automatically made clickable in the reader experience.
  • A Clickable Image is indicated by an underline that inherits the site’s link color. This is consistent on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • If a site has ‘Pin It’ enabled, this will be retained on all images inline, in Photo Galleries and Content Galleries.
  • Clickable images will be supported visually in AMP but only from a data perspective in FBIA and RSS feeds (due to limitations). 

Event Tracking:

  • Click Event will be tracked on a Clickable Images. This applies to images in the body of content, in Photo Galleries and Content Galleries.
  • Outbound Link tracking can also be applied to Clickable Images.
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