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Q: Where can I display ads on my site?

A: When you launch on Tempest, you can choose your desired ad configuration. The choice of ad configuration depends on site layout and ad density preferences. In general, Tempest templates are designed to optimize both the reader experience and monetization opportunities. For details on ad density options, please see Ad Configuration. To make changes to your ad density and ad configuration, submit a ticket.

Q: What type of creative and ad formats does Tempest support?

A. Publishers are able to traffic any creative as part of a direct sold campaign as a managed or self-serve partner. Specs are consistent with IAB display advertising guidelines which can be found here.

Supported ad types include:

  • Say's high impact creative AdFrames
  • 300x250 Medium Rectangle
  • 728x90 Leaderboard
  • 300x600 Half Page
  • 970x250 Billboard
  • 970x90 Super Leaderboard
  • 970x90 Pushdown
  • 320x50 (mobile)

Our yield management team is always evaluating new creative formats and vendors that increase CPM rates for our publishers. New creative formats may be introduced in efforts to provide better monetization opportunity.

Q: How can I deliver my direct sold campaigns?

A: Publishers can either manage delivery independently through the Tempest DFP instance (see Self-Serve DFP Guide) or work with our Ad Ops Managed Services team for an hourly rate. 

Q: How can I get detailed information about revenue?

A: Weekly reports are sent out within the first half of the week for the week previous. For more details, please see Weekly Reporting

Q. How can I add high quality demand partners to my monetization strategy?

A. Our yield management team is constantly adding and evaluating new vendors and partners to optimize rates for Tempest Publishers. For specific requests, submit a ticket.

Q. What can be done to remove an ad, advertiser, or ad category when it conflicts with editorial content or reader values?

A. Please complete and submit an Ad Block Request Form to request removal.

Q: What CPMs do you recommend for our direct sales efforts? 

A. Desktop CPMs may range anywhere from around $8 - $25 depending on the package and desirability. Generally desktop rates are higher than mobile rates. Tempest publishers are encouraged to create premium packages leveraging above the fold placements. For more details on Tempest ad zones, please see Ad Configuration. Additionally, certain seasonal events (eg. Fashion Week, the Oscars) may garner higher rates depending on content and editorial strategy.

Q: How can I forecast my available inventory to sell directly?

A: The best way to forecast available inventory is by using the DFP Forecasting Tool. Note, creative delivery is limited to one ad per creative per page load. For broader sponsorship or higher ad density creatives may be duplicated in the ad server. Note this approach may have a direct impact on performance. Also note priority layering places your direct ads above any Say sold advertising - ensure your priority settings reflect this.

Q: The DFP Forecasting Tool is showing me that I don't have enough inventory despite my performance metrics in Google Analytics.
A: Once a line item is entered in DFP, the Delivery Forecast tab will also show available impressions based on the targeting that is entered. For a broader gauge of potential inventory available, enter the line with little to no targeting. i.e. an ROS line item; Device Category = Desktop; and the respective ad sizes. 
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