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Q. What is Say Media?

A. Say Media was formed in 2010 when VideoEgg (founders of the first ad-in-video model) acquired Six Apart (creators of Movable Type and Typepad), bringing together the pioneers of digital advertising and publishing. Say Media builds and manages their proprietary publishing platform, Tempest. 

Q. What is Tempest?

A. Tempest is a platform that provides publishers with the tools, services, and technology to engage readers, grow audience, and make money. 

Q. Is Tempest responsive across all devices?

A. Tempest is fully responsive and designed to work across mobile, tablet and desktop. Images are all scaled to the optimal size for the device and retina images are fully supported and dynamically generated when appropriate. Metrics reported in Google Analytics validate the trend of increased mobile usage among core readers and we continue to improve responsive capabilities to optimize the mobile reader experience.

Q. Is Tempest cached frequently?

A. To maintain performance across all properties operating on the Tempest platform, Tempest has a built-in fast and reliable cache invalidation service and monitoring tool. Caching is managed using a layer of HTTP-level caches. These caches are invalidated immediately when content is scheduled, published, or unpublished which means that any changes to content are immediately visible on the site once the change is published.

Q. What is Say Media's standard policy on advertising on Tempest?

A. Publishers operating on Tempest are encouraged to develop partnerships with advertisers to package and sell content directly. Publishers can either serve their own rich-media and display ads through the Tempest DFP or work with Tempest Services teams to build and traffic direct sold campaigns. Tempest also serves as a yield management solution for publishers, allowing publishers to monetize 100% of unsold inventory. Publishers are paid any time an ad is delivered through the Tempest yield management offering, not just when someone interacts with an ad. 

Q. How can I monetize my property on Tempest?

A. We are constantly investing in new capabilities to give partners reliable and predictable revenue streams including revenue from display, sponsored content, affiliate partnerships, subscriptions, and recirculation efforts. 


Q: How do I find out about new features? 

A: We encourage all of our partners to subscribe to the Tempest Newsletter, The Tempest Download to get updates on new features.

Q: How do I take advantage of new features?

A: Our teams are always evaluating and adding tools and features that will enhance the publisher or reader experience and promote growth. These additions are available to the entire community, ensuring both the stability of the platform and its continuous evolution. To take advantage of new features, simply reach out to our Customer Success team by submitting a ticket.

Q: How long does it take to get a feature built?

A: We are constantly reviewing new features and appreciate the ideas, insights, and suggestions from our partners which can be provided by submitting a ticket. Our Customer Success team reviews larger feature requests with the Product team once a quarter for upcoming prioritization. Upcoming releases are shared via email blasts and newsletters.

Q: How do I submit a bug?

A: Our Customer Success team is standing by to help fix and triage bugs as quickly as possible. To reach out to our Customer Success team, submit a ticket


Q: Can I use html code to modify my article?

A: Tempest does not support HTML editing within the Tempest Composer. The Composer is very structured and supports only a specific set of HTML tags that are designed for each property, including ordered/unordered lists, headers (h1, h2, h3), and blockquotes. We limit HTML editing to avoid introducing unsupported HTML tags that could cause issues with publication and content rendering/styling.

Q: Does Tempest support content and audience analytics? 

A: For a list of supported vendors and partnerships, please reach out to Customer Support.

Q: How does Tag Management work on Tempest?

A: Tempest acts as a tag manager. Tempest supports a wide variety of tags to ensure that our partners can operate on a fast, reliable, and extendable content platform. For more details, please reach out to Customer Support. 

Q. Where can I find my RSS feed?

A. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites and other online publishers syndicate their content via RSS Feed to partners like Flipboard, Facebook, and other news aggregators. To find your RSS feed, please visit Tempest RSS Feeds.

Q: How do I get my content in Apple News, Google News, Facebook, Google AMP etc?

A: Tempest supports Apple News, Google News, Facebook Instant Articles, and Google AMP. Details on how to take advantage of these opportunities are available at Extensions & Syndication.

Q: How can I customize how my articles are shared on Facebook?

A: Be sure to fill in the Promo Title and Teaser fields as these are the fields that populate social channels prior to publication. If both of these fields are blank, your article will be shared with a title and a read more link. For more information on SEO Best Practices, see Search Engine Optimization

Q: How is my content backed-up on Tempest?

A: All of your Tempest content is stored redundantly in multiple locations at all times. Static offsite backups are generated regularly.

Q: How do I permanently delete an article or image in the CMS?

A: While we are working on improving hard delete options, currently Tempest does not allow for hard deletes of Articles. This is intended to prevent content from being permanently lost if accidentally deleted.  You can now permanently delete images in the CMS by accessing the specific image from the Media Manager and clicking the red Delete Photo button in the bottom right. The delete functionality is only available to editors but can be extended to other roles per your request, just write into Tempest Support

Q: What browser/devices can I use to work on Tempest’s CMS?

A: Currently, Tempest fully supports Google Chrome on desktop.  For Tablet/Mobile we are in Beta for Chrome/Safari.  If you have any trouble with the Tempest CMS feel free to send that feedback to Tempest Support

Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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