Weekly Reporting


Weekly Reporting

Find the details you need to make the right decisions for your business. 


The goal of these ​weekly ​reports is to provide payout numbers in a more timely basis as well as offer some additional context to help publishers understand how their ad formats contribute to their payout.

Revenue Numbers

Each weekly report summarizes your month to date total revenue from ads as well as your weekly total. The report also includes a month to date detailed breakdown of your ad revenue by ad zone with impression, CPM and total revenue.

The weekly report following each month's end features a previous month summary as well as revenue from additional sources such as content recommendation (Taboola, Spoutable) and sponsored content programs.

Note that your revenue report does not include revenue or impressions from your own direct sold campaigns or from certain monetization vendors which Say does not manage, such as Skimlinks.

Detailed Revenue by Ad Zone

This section of the report breaks out the data by ad zone to provide insight into the value and performance of difference types of ads. This information is a useful input into your own direct sales efforts, your ad layout choices and your editorial strategy.


Any​​ fees​ charged for managed services will be included in month-end reports. Please click here for the Managed Services Rate Card.

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