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Tempest integrates Instant Articles seamlessly into your existing workflow. After the set up of both Facebook Instant Articles and Facebook Audience Network are complete, the Tempest Support team will enable Facebook Instant Articles within the Tempest CMS. Once this is complete, all new articles created will be checked with "Instant Article Enabled" by default. The instructions below go over how to add older articles to your Facebook Instant Article RSS feed.  

Again, this default is only for sites that have gone through the Facebook process to set up Facebook Instant Articles and Facebook Audience Network.

When the article is published it will be published to both your regular site as well as to the Instant Article RSS feed. If users share the post organically and other users access it from the Facebook App on mobile, they will receive the Instant Article version. Changes or updates that are made to the article are also sent to the Instant Article RSS feed and should be reflected in Facebook within a matter of minutes.

Remember that publishing an article as an Instant Article does not publish the Instant Article to your brand's Facebook Page. 

Facebook only supports a handful of embeds. For a list, see Facebook's developer page here. If an article includes an embed that is not supported by Instant Articles, the article will not be published to Facebook. 

Instructions to Publish an Older Article as Instant Article

Since all new articles created will be marked as "Instant Article Enabled" and will publish to Facebook Instant Articles by default, you will only need to update older articles using the steps below to make sure they are also published as a Facebook Instant Article.  here are instructions on how to update older articles: 

Step 1: Login to Tempest
Step 2: Select the older article to send to Facebook Instant Articles (new articles will be published to Facebook Instant Article RSS by default)
Step 3: Search and mark the checkbox "Instant Article Enabled" in the Advanced. 
Step 4: Hit 'Update' on an Existing Published Article. 

Note that this will allow the article to be published to the RSS feed so that this article is available on Facebook. This means that when a reader clicks on the post via the Facebook mobile application that they will see the Instant Article version. 

Instructions to Remove an Instant Article

To remove an article from Facebook, access your Instant Article Library via the Facebook Interface.

To navigate to this portal, from the top of the Facebook Page, click Publishing Tools and then select Instant Articles from the menu on the left of the screen. Every story published as an Instant Article is automatically added to the library of articles found on this Page. To change the publication status of an article, check the box to the left of the article, then select the appropriate status from the Actions dropdown. The options include to edit, delete, publish or unpublish.

“Published” stories are live and visible to the public. “Unpublished” stories are not visible to the public but they are stored as drafts. If a published story is changed to unpublished status, the story is hidden from public view, but the markup content, Insights and analytics are preserved.

For more details on how to manage this within the Facebook user interface please visit Configure Instant Articles in Facebook.
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