Brand Safety Guidelines


The Tempest policy for Brand Safety aligns with AdSense content policies, which when followed will allow Tempest to successfully monetize unfilled inventory. A list of prohibited content is below. To opt-out of monetizing a specific article that does not meet guidelines, please see "How To: Flag an Article as Mature."

  • Nudity: video or photo images and animation: bare breasts, g-strings, buttocks, full frontals or "hot girl" photos
  • Sexual Content: videos with sex, stripteases, edgy sex stories, articles, forums, blogs, and comments, lyrics with graphic sex connotations, provocative photos; sexual animation
  • Violence: excessive blood, gore, killings
  • Gambling: sports betting, monetary exchanges
  • Profanity: excessive use of curse words (usually in user generated content, forums, chats, and bulletins)
  • Drugs/Alcohol: images, video games, song lyrics, articles, forums
  • Intolerance: racism, prejudice, extreme and/or controversial beliefs (political, religious)
Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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