How To: Flag an Article as Mature


Tempest allows publishers to flag an article as mature if the article content does not meet Tempest Brand Safety Guidelines. If an article is not flagged and violates guidelines, there is risk of being blacklisted across yield partners and exchanges (primarily Google AdSense). The flag ensures that display advertising will not be delivered to the page which depending on volumes of mature content, could have impact on monthly revenue.


Below are instructions on how to flag an article as mature:

Step 1: Locate Meta

In the article composer, expand article metadata section by clicking on the dropdown arrow.

Step 2: Access Rich Terms

Find field "Rich Terms."

Step 3: Add "M"

Create new Rich Term by adding "M" or apply existing rich term by selecting "M."

Step 4: Preview

To validate that display ads have been removed from the page, select preview to preview the article.

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