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With bold imagery and an easy to read two-column layout, Recipes provide a great format to deliver a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish. Recipes leverage standard properties based off of guidelines which provides context to search engines and enables rich snippets. Recipe Rich pins can be turned on/off depending on preference.

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There are two ways to create an article within the CMS.

Option 1: Via the CMS Navigation  

An Author or Editor can create a Recipe from the "Create Content" prompt in navigation menu and select "recipe" from the available options.

Option 2: Via Manage Recipes

An Author or Editor can create a recipe from the "Create Recipe" shortcut available in the upper right hand corner of the Manage Recipes page.

General Fields and Definitions

For a list of standard fields across all content types, please see Tempest CMS Fields and Definitions.

Basic Requirements for Recipes provides guidelines for page structure and markup. Many applications from Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, Yandex and others use the structure to power rich search results and recommendations. A list of the schema requirements that are leveraged to build the Tempest Recipe experience is below:

Instructions: This is a description of how to execute the recipe.

Ingredients: What is in the recipe. It may contain one or more lists of ingredients, each referenced by a label. For example, you may have a list for the sauce and another for the meatballs.

Recipe Category: The category of the recipe—for example, appetizer, entree, etc

Cooking Method: The method of cooking used in this recipe. For example, Frying or Steaming.

Recipe Cuisine: The cuisine of the recipe (for example, French or Ethiopian).

Dietary Restrictions: Used to denote any dietary restrictions this recipe accommodates (for example, "Gluten Free", "Keto", or "Vegetarian").

Prep Time: Preparation time for the recipe, in minutes.

Cook Time: Cook time for the recipe, in minutes.

Duration: Total duration from start to finish for the recipe in minutes.

Serving Size: Description of how many servings are yielded by the recipe. For example, "Serves 4."

Custom Attributes for Recipes

Depending on site's organization and structure. there may be additional fields available to categorize content in the CMS. 

Versioning and Publication

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