Managed Ad Operations Services


AdOps Services Overview

Tempest includes a range of managed services to support publisher direct sales efforts as it pertains to the set-up, management, and trafficking of advertising campaigns. Managed Services is a paid for service available to all Tempest Partners.

For the rate card, please see the Managed Services Rate Card.

Occasionally, inappropriate ads or ads that don't align with site content may surface. To block a specific ad, advertiser, or ad category, please complete and submit an Ad Block Request Form.

To submit a campaign, please see Submit a Campaign.

Campaign Setup

Agency setup, campaign setup, line item setup, creative testing and implementation, third party tracking, verification & viewability support, demographic and key-value implementation & campaign screenshots in a live environment.

Direct Reporting Access

You will be provided with console access to run delivery and performance reports on all campaigns that Maven is managing on your behalf. There is also the option to have daily, weekly and monthly reports automatically generated for each campaign sent via e-mail.

Campaign Maintenance

Management of delivery: If a campaign is at risk for under delivery, Say Maven Ad Ops team will notify you directly and provide recommendations to ensure delivery.

Maven can provide 3rd party discrepancy tracking when provided access to third party reports:

  • Campaign will be tracked within the first 48 hours of launch
  • Tracked weekly throughout duration of campaign

Targeting modifications (up to 3 per campaign with no extra charge):

  • Changes to existing targeting
  • Frequency cap modifications
  • Reallocation of goals across line items

Creative Optimization: Maven can optimize by CTR for multiple creative units. The following will incur extra charges:

  • Adding additional line items
  • Uploading and testing new creative

Campaign Wrap-up

  • Finalization of 3 party reporting and discrepancies
  • Delivery impressions and clicks
  • Insight and recommendations for future campaigns
  • Provided within 5 days of finalization of campaigns

Services Definitions


A campaign refers to a single Advertiser IO, typically consisting of a set of line items, targeting criteria creative assets, third party tracking beacons, and detailed instructions around targeting & implementation criteria for each line item.

Each campaign that Maven creates and manages for you includes the initial setup of the campaign, creative testing, tracking, and ongoing campaign maintenance.  

  • Basic: A campaign that consists of fewer than 5 line items, up to 5 simple creative units, or up to 2 complex creative units. 
  • Advanced:  A campaign that consists of more than 5 line items and more than 5 creative units.


A creative refers the visual asset used to display the advertising messaging associated with the campaign.  This can be in the format of a JPG, GIF, SWF or 3rd party Javascript or HTML file.

  • Simple:  A simple creative refers to an advertising creative that comprises of a SWF or Image file (JPG, GIF or PNG) and a single click out URL.  This can be in the format of a JS tag or the actual creative assets.
  • Complex: A creative that has functionality including one or more of the following: in-banner video, expansions, push downs, multiple click outs, in-creative user functionality, lightboxes, custom sizes, or any other user initiated activity.

Campaign Modification

A campaign modification is defined as any change to a live campaign, excluding the addition of new creatives.  Examples of campaign modifications include: adding/removing line items, removing creative, modifying creative weighting, adding/removing targeting criteria, pausing or resuming line items, and goal reallocation.

 Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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