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Q. What's the Onboarding process?

A. Your dedicated Site Producer will partner with you to launch your site on Tempest. For a breakdown of focus areas, see Production Support.

Q. How long does it take to launch my site on Tempest?

A. We are always improving migration tools and processes to provide a turn-key solution for our partners. Depending on site complexity and the publisher review process, timing is anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks.

Q. How reliable are the migration tools and what should I expect?

A. Tempest provides a flexible framework for migrating content from another CMS to Tempest. Tempest supports the migration of basic content types and evaluates custom content types on a case by case basis. At the beginning of the migration process, your dedicated Site Producer will discuss supported and unsupported content as your source CMS is reviewed so you know what to expect. 

Q. What's a content type?

A. Technically, a content type is a standardized data model – the collection of data fields (or just "fields," including title and body text) that make up any given item of content. Tempest uses standardized data models that are optimized for search engines. Images, embeds, galleries, and comments are considered extensions of a content type. 

Q. What standard content types will I have access to on Tempest?

A. The basic Tempest content types include Articles, Basic pages, Sections, Rich Terms (or categories), and Author Profiles. Custom content types include Recipes, People, and Video. 

Q: What are the milestones I can expect to see during migration?

A: For a typical Wordpress site, you can expect to see the following major milestones on your timeline: 

  • Design & Site Setup: Using sample content, you can review your site's initial set up and design on a live environment. This stage includes one round of feedback.
  • Content Validation: You can review your content on a live environment validating the migration. This stage includes two rounds of feedback.
  • Final Migration and Content Freeze: Once approved, publication stops on the source CMS to ensure a full and proper import of the most recent content.  
  • Launch: A launch checklist will be provided to make any edits in the CMS prior to launch (typically a window of 12 - 24 hours). 
Q: When can my team get training on the Tempest CMS?

A: Publishers and their team members will be trained on the Tempest CMS within the first two weeks. The demo covers the basics of managing, creating, and publishing content. Tempest training is usually a 1 hour session. The Customer Success team will also be available via email for support. 

Q. When can I access the Tempest CMS to edit content prior to launch?

A. Access to the Tempest CMS is provided during the final migration. We encourage all edits to content (including changes to titles, sections, tags, slugs, images, filenames, etc.) to be completed in the source CMS prior to the final migration. Minor visual edits like updates to promo images or any promoted blocks (coverline, heroes) can be made in the Tempest CMS.

Q: What are expected changes to my traffic post migration?

A: In general, we are always working on improving our SEO strategies to mitigate traffic loss post migration to Tempest. We've implemented several optimizations as our community has grown including higher quality migration scripts, better sitemaps including image sitemaps, and a sophisticated redirection service.

Traffic change can vary based on a number of factors: traffic sources, organic search drivers, and URL changes which can effect social equity. Your Site Producer will help provide a detailed and site-specific assessment with access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 

Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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