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Tempest integrates with Apple News via RSS feed or directly via an API integration. When connected via API, Tempest will automatically publish content to Apple News in Apple News Format. There are a number of advantages to using the API integration:

  • Content is formatted for all iOS devices automatically.
  • Content renders faster than articles delivered through RSS.
  • Layouts can include custom typography, images, and linked text.
  • Analytics tools measure article traffic and more.
  • Content published in Apple News Format can be monetized via advertising. (Note: this is not yet possible, as we're investigating how to manage monetization via DFP.)
  • Apple will promote content published in Apple News Format, but not content consumed via RSS.

For support, we've outlined the steps to onboard to Apple News, either via API integration or via RSS feed, below.

For additional FAQ support see:
Learn more about Apple News and Tempest here:

Register as a Publisher with Apple News

Step 1: Sign In

Go to using a supported browser, sign in with your Apple ID, then click News Publisher. If you don’t have an Apple ID, click “Create yours now” below the sign-in fields.

Note: The Apple ID you sign in with may or may not be your personal Apple ID. If you’re the sole publisher of a blog, you may wish to use your personal Apple ID rather than create a new one just for publishing. However, if you’re part of a team—publishing content from a magazine or news site, for example—you should use an Apple ID created specifically for publishing to avoid mixing personal and business data.

Step 2: Add Publisher Information

Enter your publisher information, then click Next. In the Publisher Name field, enter your publishing company’s legal name. If you sign up as an individual, enter your first and last names.

Step 3: Add Channel Information

Enter your channel information. The channel name should match the name of your publication, business, or blog in order to indicate the channel’s focus at a glance. Don’t include a description, URL, or any other text as part of the channel name.

Note: During this process you’re asked to choose an audience for your content—General, Mature, or Kids. Your choice influences the kinds of ads that appear in your channel. See the Advertising Backfill FAQ for more information.

Step 4: Add Logo

Upload your logo (optional).Your logo must be type-based and not a graphic, like an icon or other design. It appears in a number of places in News. If you don’t have a logo, a temporary logo is created for you, based on the name of your channel. After your channel is approved, you can sign in to News Publisher to add or change your logo.

Important: For your logo to appear, it must adhere to the Logo specifications.

To Publish via API Integration

Step 5:

Click "Settings".

Step 6:

Click "Connect CMS" in the navigation menu.

Step 7:

Click "Get an API key".

Step 8: 

In the dialog that pops up, record the Channel ID, Key ID, and Secret. Note that this will be the only time you can copy the secret! If you lose it, you'll need to get a new API key and secret(using the "Replace API key..." link).

Step 9: 

Send the Channel ID, Key ID, and Secret to Tempest Support at:
Support will add this and your content will then be configured to render in Apple News.

To Publish via RSS 

Publishers can submit their Full RSS Feed when applying to Apple News. Tempest follows Apple's best practices to ensure successful integration.

Step 5: Follow Prompt

Click I’d Rather Use RSS For Now.

Step 6: Follow Prompt

Enter the URL for your main RSS feed in the RSS Feed field.

Step 7: Follow Prompt 

To add another feed (a section), click Add Section, then enter a feed URL.

Step 8: Follow Prompt 

Click Next when you finish adding sections.

Step 9: Submit

To submit your publisher and channel information and your feed content for approval, click Submit.

Note: With RSS content, you can’t publish the same article to multiple sections. For example, you could publish an article that recaps your favorite TV show to a television section or to a section devoted specifically to that show, but not to both.

Getting Channel Approved

Your Tempest site is now linked to your Apple News channel, and any content that you publish will be automatically posted to your Apple News channel; any content that is unpublished from your Tempest site will be automatically removed from Apple News.

At this point, all content published from Tempest will appear in your "Drafts" section. In order to publish content publicly, you'll need to get your channel approved. To do that, click into a couple of your articles on your Tempest site (or create new articles), and click "Update"; this will force Tempest to publish the articles to your Apple News channel. Once you have three articles published to your Drafts section in Apple News, you can submit your channel for approval by clicking the "Submit for Approval" button in iCloud News Publisher.

Apple notifies you by email when you’re approved, at which point content from your feeds appears in News. After your first channel is approved, you can add others. See Add or share a channel.

Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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