How to: Add and Edit Videos in the Media Library

The Tempest Video content item brings original video content front and center.

Adding Videos

To see how videos can be uploaded to Tempest, follow the instructions below or watch this quick video tutorial:

Click here for a larger view of this tutorial



An Author or Editor can create a Video by clicking "Media" in the left-hand menu in Tempest, then selecting the "Videos" tab at the top of the Manage Media page. 



There are two ways users can upload video:

+ Add Media: The first item in the Media Library grid is a white box which says "+ Add Media" - clicking this will allow a user to select photos or videos from their computer to add to the Media Library. 



Drag & Drop: Users can drag and drop image or video files from their computers directly into the Mage Media page to upload them.

Note that for either uploading option, multiple images and/or videos can be selected and uploaded at once. 


Once the video upload is initiated, the video does not become available immediately. It has to be fully processed and transcoded to create various renditions – to optimize for all the scenarios in which readers would see this video – to be properly stored both in our S3 and JWPlayer. As a result, the video will be "in progress" for a little while. This is reported back to the user in two ways:

Uploading Screen: There is an uploading screen that will be presented to the user immediately when an upload beings. This will include a count of the items being uploaded and a list of the items based on their file name. This is a modal that can be dismissed by clicking the small white "X" to the upper right of the screen.


Additional Notifications: We do not want to block users from continuing other work while their upload is in progress. So, if a user dismisses the modal, they will be still be notified about the status of their upload with notifications at the top of the page:

The notifications will be surfaced to users regardless of what action they are performing in the CMS. For example, if the user is creating an article when the upload completes, the notification bar will be presented on that page. This way users can continue to work on anything else in the Tempset CMS while their uploads are in progress, and will receive that information no matter what page they are on.


Editing Videos

Users can still access the Editor for a video while it is being uploaded. The only thing to note is that since the video has not been processed, not all the metadata is available. This includes the video preview, the promo image and the duration. That said, we wanted to allow users to access the editor so that they can work on other elements of the content creation such as adding the body, assigning an author, assigning a section, defining the slug etc. 


Full Editor

To access the Full Editor for a video, click the title that appears below the video thumbnail in the Media Library.


The Editor itself is very similar to the composers for other content types, such as articles, and has many of the same general fields and definitions. To view explanations for these, please see our Tempest CMS Fields and Definitions Guide.


Custom Attributes for Videos

Duration: This displays the total duration (in seconds) of the video you are creating. If importing from a video CMS, this information could automatically populate for you and could be adjusted.

Content Rating: Select the appropriate content rating for the video you are uploading.

Advanced > Video Midroll Point: Select the Midroll Point you would like to use for your video. The Midroll Point used for videos is, by default, 20 seconds into the video.


Quick Editor

To make quick changes to a video, hover over the video thumbnail on the Manage Media page, then click the pencil icon that appears in the bottom right-hand corner. 



This icon launches the Quick Edit view.




The Quick Editor lets you add and edit the following details:

  • Slug
  • Meta Description
  • Primary Section
  • Duration
  • Display Ads
  • Rich Tags

Previewing Videos

Once the upload process is complete, you have the option to play the video from the Manage Media page to preview it. To do this, click the white "Play" button in the middle of the video thumbnail. This will open a media player on your screen. 


In the media player, click the white "Play" button to start your video.


Promo Images for Videos

The Promo Information for videos is generally the same as it is for other content types, however, the Promo Image has an improvement. The image used at the mid-point of the video is automatically set as both the video thumbnail – what the user sees before they play the video – and the Promo Image on Tempest. The Promo Image can be overridden by uploading a more specific image if you prefer to optimize the rendering of the image on Tempest.


Note that changing the Promo Image will not change the video thumbnail. To edit the thumbnail, please see our How to Change Video Thumbnails article. 


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