How To: Create and Update a Rich Term


Rich Terms provide a great way to brand a hub page that aggregate content by term.  They can be used to better organize your content. Rich Terms live inside of a larger Vocabulary. For example, the Vocabulary would be Meal Types, the Rich Term would be 'dinner.' Rich Terms can be promoted in the site's main navigation bar or off-canvas nav. This is a useful promotional tool.


Option 1: Creating a Rich term via the Content Item  

An Author or Editor can create a new Rich Term by adding the term to the "Rich Terms" field under "Meta."

Option 2: Via "Vocabularies and Rich Terms"

Navigate to the "vocabularies and rich terms" via the left hand menu. Type in the title of your new rich term as you would like it to appear as a tag on your article and click the "Create Rich Term" button.  

Fields and Definitions

For a list of standard fields across all content types, please see Tempest CMS Fields and Definitions.

Versioning and Publication

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