How To: Schedule and Unschedule Content


Publishers can easily create and schedule content to publish at a future date in the article composer.  Below are instructions on how to schedule your article to automatically publish for you, and how to unschedule it if necessary. 

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How to Schedule and Unschedule Content

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Step 1

Once your article is finished, click the blue "Publish" button in the upper right corner of the page to open a drop-down menu. Then select "Schedule":



Step 2:

A calendar modal will open on the page. Here, you can select the year, month, date and time you would like your article to be published. The year, month, date, and time will be confirmed in the lower blue box. Once you click "Schedule", your changes will be saved and your article will be scheduled to automatically publish on the date you selected.


 If you'd like your article to be published to a previous date, you can click the bar that displays the month and year in the calendar modal. This will open a different part of the calendar that will make selecting different months easier.



Once you select the month you want, you will be directed back to the previous calendar layout for your selected month, where you can then choose the date and time on which you wish the article to be published.

If you would like the article scheduled to publish in a previous year, go back to the calendar view that lets you select the month, then click the year displayed in the middle bar. This will open another view that displays a wider selection of years and lets you scroll back to previous decades with the arrow buttons at the top.


 Once you find the one you want, simply select the year, month, date, and time you are looking for and schedule it to be published with the blue "Schedule" button. 


Step 3:

After you have selected your desired publishing date, you will be redirected back to the article composer. The year, month, date, and time at which your article is scheduled to publish will appear in a yellow notification bar above your article. 



Note that if you scheduled your article to publish to a previous date, it will publish immediately to that desired date.



Re-scheduling, Un-scheduling, and Publishing Now

If at any point you decide you wish to re-schedule, unschedule, or immediately publish your article, click the yellow "Scheduled" button at the top of the page. This will open a drop-down menu. 


To re-schedule, simply click "Re-schedule" in the drop-down menu and you will be automatically taken back to the calendar modal where you can select a different publishing date. 

To immediately publish the article, click "Publish Now".

To unschedule the article, click "Cancel". You'll then be asked to verify whether or not you are sure you wish to cancel the scheduled publication.


Click the red "Unschedule" button. You will then be redirected back to your unscheduled article. 

Backdating Content

You may want to publish new content but have the publication date or time be in the past. This can be accomplished using the Schedule feature as well. Simply choose a date/time in the past when scheduling. When you click "Schedule" the content will be published immediately, but the publication date will be set to the date chosen on the calendar.

Content published this way will behave as if it had been published at the date/time specified. So, this includes how it is surfaced on the homepage and other hub pages that display recent content, so if you publish something and back-date it to have been published last year, it will not show up on pages that are set to show recently content, for example.

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