How To: Approve and Manage Users


Once a new user has requested access to the CMS, (see How To: Register) an Editor must complete their registration. Watch the Video and follow instructions below.

Video Tutorial

How To: Manage Users


Step 1: Login and Navigate to "Manage Users"

Step 2: Find New User Request

Locate the new user in the list. They will have the status "pending" and role "pending" automatically assigned. This identifies that registration is not completed.

Step 3: Assign Roles

Select either "Author" or "Editor" for the new user. 
Note: Authors can create new content but cannot assign authorship, schedule, or publish. Only Editors have access to Manage Users and Site Programming.

Step 5: Assign a Default Profile

If the new user already has content published on the site, select their author name using the dropdown under "Default Profile". This ensures that new users can manage their own Author Profile. 
If the new user does not have an existing profile, they will be able to create one when they gain access.
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