How To: Create and Update an Author Profile


Author profiles are a great way for authors to connect with their audience. Each article displays an author byline, which promotes an author's social presence and links to their Tempest Author Hub. Author Hub's automatically aggregate all articles published by that author to help readers find the content they are looking for.

Author byline example:

Author Hub example:

Located here.

Instructions for Authors

Step 1: Login to Tempest and Navigate to the "My Profile"

New Authors can create an author profile once an Editor has approved access to the Tempest CMS. When first logging in you should be directed to the Profile page. If not, go to the Admin panel by clicking the Tempest logo in the upper right and click My Profile, under your name. Your author profile will automatically be linked to your user account which means that any time you create a new article, your author profile will be the assigned "author" by default.

Step 2: Follow Steps 3 and 4 Outlined Below

Instructions for Editors

Step 1: Login to Tempest and Navigate to the "Manage Author Profiles"

Step 2: Create

Select "Create New" in the upper right hand corner.

Step 3: Add Author Information 

Create the new author profile and publish.  You can add the author's name, image, bio and social media URLs in the author profile editor. Remember to add a slug.
Required fields for Tempest: Name and Slug
Required fields for Maven users: Name, Slug, and Website URL.(author profile URL from Maven user)

Step 4: Publish

In order to be available as an author for publishing, click the blue Publish button and choose Publish Now. 
Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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