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Welcome to the Tempest CMS! Below you'll find instructions on how to register and log in. Keep in mind that anyone who requires access to the Tempest CMS must register and authenticate themselves. 

Video Guides

Google Mail Authentication Login

Passwordless Email Authentication Login 

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Visit 

Click the blue 'Login or Register' button.

Step 2: Choose to Login with Google Mail or Passwordless Email authentication

Note: If you are logging into an existing account, you'll need to use the previous authentication method from when you first registered. If you log in with the method not previously used, you will create a new account and you will not have access to approved sites. 

Step 2a: Register or Log In via Google 

Click the blue 'Login with Google' button. Next choose a Gmail account to authenticate with, or enter your preferred Google email. 
Once verified with Google you are redirected to the Tempest home page.
If logging in to an existing account, choose a site from the dropdown to navigate to the site in the CMS. You are now logged in.
If registering, you need to request access to a site. See Step 3.

Step 2b: Register or Log In with Passwordless Email

Note: Passwordless email allows you to log in and authenticate without a password. To use Passwordless email, you must have access to the email account used to register. When logging in with Passwordless email, an authentication link is sent to your email inbox, which you must then click to be registered/logged in. You will need to authenticate via email link each time you log in. 
Enter your preferred email address into the white email field that says '' or your email, and click the blue arrow.
A new page will load notifying you that a link to sign in has been sent to your email inbox.
Go to your inbox and find the email with the subject 'Welcome to Tempest CMS'. Open the email and click the red link. You need to click the link in this email within 5 minutes of sending it, as it does expire and cannot be clicked more than once. 
A new tab will then open and load the Tempest home page. 
If a returning user, a dropdown of the sites you have access to will be available. Choose the site from the dropdown that you'd like to navigate to within the CMS. You are now successfully logged in.
If a new user, you need to request access to sites.

Step 3: Request Access

In the "Request access to" field, begin typing in the site you'd like to access. The site name will appear for selection. Select the site and click on "Request Access."

Step 4: Email your Editor

Any editor can approve your request. Next steps can be found at How To: Approve and Manage Users.
Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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