How To: Create Versions


Publishers can easily create different saved states, or "versions", of their content.  Creating multiple versions allows you to have a snapshot of your editing that you can revert back to should you need to.

To learn how to view and restore previous versions of your articles, follow the instructions on this page or watch the video tutorial below.

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Step 1

In the article composer, you will see a drop-down menu in the upper right corner of your screen that can be set to three different statuses: Draft, Complete, and Ready for Edit. This is the authoring status drop-down. In the authoring status drop-down, you can see past saved versions of your article and the time stamps for them. The most current version of the article will have a blue "Working Copy" label in the drop-down, while the currently published version will have a green "Published" label.
To view more of your previous versions, you can click "Load more versions" at the bottom of the menu, or select "Save as new version" to save your current article state to the list of new versions. 
Note that the article composer does regularly save versions of your article after changes are made as well.


Step 2

To view a previously saved version of your article, simply select it from the authoring status drop-down. 

Step 3

When a previous version is selected, that version of the article will be displayed on the page and a yellow bar will appear above the article. Clicking the "Restore" button on the right side of the yellow bar will restore that version as the Working Copy, whereas clicking the "Cancel" button directly next to it will cancel the preview of that version of the article and bring you back to your current working copy. Clicking "Versions" will allow you to select a different version of the article to view. 
These tools will allow you to shift between different versions of your article with ease. 


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