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Before setting up Facebook Audience Network, you must complete Instant Article configuration in order to begin monetizing in this environment. References below:

Configure Facebook Instant Articles in Facebook

Once Instant Article configuration is complete, you can begin setting up ads for this environment leveraging Facebook’s Audience Network. If you would like assistance, please reach out to Tempest Support and we will be happy to set this up for you upon confirmed access to your Facebook page.

Instructions to Set Up Audience Network for Instant Articles

Step 1: Sign up for Audience Network

Access the Audience Network tool through Instant Articles Configuration:

  1. Login to Facebook and navigate to your Page
  2. Click on “Publishing Tools”
  3. Navigate to Instant Articles from the menu on the left hand side and select “Configuration”
  4. Navigate to the Audience Network drop down and follow steps to activate ads in Instant Articles 

Even if you already use Audience Network, you will need to create a new Audience Network app dedicated for use with Instant Articles.

Note: You will need to register as a developer to create an app, and you will need to be an admin of the app in order to integrate Instant Articles.

Step 2: Generate Audience Network Tag for Instant Articles

Once you are connected to Audience Network, create a placement in the Audience Network UI.

  1. Go to My Apps and choose the app you want to add Audience Network to, and then go to Audience Network in your app dashboard.
  2. In Audience Network, go to Placements and click Create Ad Placement. 
  3. Enter a Name for the placement and select Banner as the Display Format. 
  4. Click Save.
  5. Copy the Placement ID and send this to Tempest Support.
Step 3: Generate Instant Article Audience Placement ID 

For Standard Media Partners, please send this tag into or to be trafficked.

For License Partners, please see documentation on how to set up FAN in DFP.

Step 4: Set up Payment Information

All payment is handled by Facebook. For specific instructions please see:

Please fill out your account and tax info under the Payout tab. You may go live without these details, though ad delivery will pause if your account balance reaches $100 before Payout details are complete.

Step 5: Monitoring Performance

Reporting is tied to the placement ID of your Instant Article Audience Network tag.

To access the dashboard and monitor performance of this unit, visit your app's settings page, click on Audience Network and then choose the Performance tab:


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