Set up Facebook Audience Network in DFP (License Partners only)


Set up FAN in DFP

Tempest supports FAN set-up for license partners operating with DFP Small Business or DFP Premium. Before you set up FAN in your DFP, the general Facebook Instant Article configuration must be set-up. References below:

    1. Step 1: Configure Facebook Instant Articles in Facebook
    2. Step 2: Set up Facebook Audience Network in Facebook

Facebook Audience Network Setup

Step 1. De-Target Other Networks

Given Facebook Audience Network requirements, you must de-target Google AdX, AdSense, and other ad networks from Instant Article inventory using the Channel key-value. If you are using DFP First Look, you will need to add a First Look pricing rule to exclude Instant Article traffic.

Step 2. Create Order and Line Item

Create a new Order and Line Item for FAN ads. We recommend creating an Ad Network company named "Facebook" as well. The following Line Item settings are recommended:

  • Line Item Type: Network, 100%
  • Size: 300x250
  • Key Value: channel IS fbia

Step 3. Add Creative

Add one 300x250 creative to the line item. Make sure that the Safe Frame option is disabled. Replace "PLACEMENT_ID" with the Placement ID generated when setting up the FAN account as described above.

The creative should use the following format:

<iframe width="300" height="250" style="border:0; margin:0;" src=""></iframe>
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