How To: Manage Media

Photos, Videos and My Media

The new Manage Media page includes tabs for:

  • Photos - users can see all photos uploaded to the site
  • Videos - users can see all videos uploaded to the site
  • My Media - users can see all media, photos or videos, that they have uploaded to the site


Views and Filters for Video

Users will have some additional views and filters available on the Videos tab.

Users can switch between a Grid view and List view of all the video content with the buttons in the upper right hand corner of the video library.



Grid view is the default view and displays all the videos uploaded with large thumbnails. It visually echos the same presentation as Photos.



List view presents the videos as line items, visually echoing the other "manage content" pages. This should provide some ease in the transition to this new Media concept of video on Tempest.



Users can also filter their videos by authoring and publication status. To do this, click the small down arrow on the far right side of the search bar in the Video Library.



This will open a menu that will let you select which types of content you would like to see in the Video Library or which types of videos you would like to search through. You can do this by only leaving the boxes checked for the type of content you wish to view. 


For example, you can choose to only see videos that are marked as "Ready For Edit" by selecting the parameters shown below.



 Note that these filters are not available on Photos because they are not a traditional content type and do not have an author nor a traditional publishing lifecycle ie. you don't "publish" an image.


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