FAQ: Logging In

Why don’t I have access to my site(s) after logging in?

You'll want to make sure that you're logging in with the correct email. If you've logged in with a different email than the one associated with your user, it will create a new user that would need to request permissions to your site/s.

What is passwordless login?

Passwordless login allows you to log in and authenticate without a password. It uses authentication links within emails to do this.

To use passwordless email, you must have access to the email account used to register.

How does passwordless login work?

When logging in with passwordless email, an authentication link is sent to your email inbox, which you must then click to be signed in. You need to authenticate via a new email link each time you log in. 

To receive a new login authentication link, go to this page, enter your email in the email field and press the blue arrow. You'll be sent to a screen that confirms a new link has been sent. You should receive the email with a new authentication link in your inbox within one minute. Click the link in the new email to login to Tempest. 

The link sent via email for login, expires after five minutes or one click. You must request a new authentication link each time you login, and cannot re-use a link that has been previously used. 

The email that is sent to authenticate each login has the subject 'Welcome to Tempest CMS'. 

If not receiving emails, add '' to your address book or safe list to ensure delivery. 

Do I have to go through the process of receiving a new email every time I login?

Yes. The email authentication is passwordless, so it is necessary to verify ownership of your email via a link each time you log in. 

Why do I get an error when clicking the link in my email?

The authentication link you receive via email is valid for only one click or five minutes after it was requested. You will receive an error message after it has been clicked, or if clicked outside of the 5 minute time limit. Each time you login to Tempest, you need to go to the Tempest login page and request a new passwordless login link. 

Why did the login process change?

Our previous authentication provider, Dailycred, experienced a number of outages and times of degraded service over a period of several weeks. In order to maintain a high level of excellence and stability, we decided to switch providers and moved to a highly regarded solution called Auth0.

With the new authentication provider came more reliable access to the CMS and passwordless login. 

Can I use both email and Gmail to login to my user profiles?

Yep! As long as the email used is the same and is a Google email, you can choose to type in the email address and authenticate through the passwordless email flow or select the Google button and authenticate through the Google flow. Your user account will be the same either way. 

Can I switch email used to sign into my user profiles?

In order to sign in with a different email address than you currently use, you will need to create a new account that uses your desired authentication method and then request access to your site(s). If your existing account is an editor or administrator for the sites you are requesting access, you can grant your new account access yourself. Otherwise you will need to ask your editor or administrator to approve your new user profile on each site to which you need access.

Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.


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