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Partners can leverage the Sponsored Post product in partnership with the Tempest Solutions team or for their own direct sales efforts. The Tempest Sponsored Post product is more focused on the brand for this ad unit and less focused on ad delivery since the post itself is considered the core product.

The built-in support for Sponsored Content features:

  • Advertiser badges permanently placed on the article, which support a click-out
  • Sponsorship labelling for content cards on hub pages
  • Simplified ad layout
  • Third-party integrations removed (such as content recommendation)
  • Third-party tracking for counting page views
  • No fixed bottom ads
  • No ad refreshing
Sponsored Content pages are designed to provide publishers with many available ad slots for companion ads targeted to serve on the sponsored page, while slightly simplifying the layout to make it easier to run a 100% share-of-voice sponsorship.
While companion ad line items typically have an end date after the Sponsored Content campaign is finished, the badge is retained as a permanent part of the content in order to clearly identify the sponsored content as such.

How To

All of these features are triggered by selecting the "Activate Sponsorship" option on the post. For more details, click here

Ad Layouts for Sponsored Posts

Article A = Mobile

Article B = Tablet

Article C = Desktop


Ad Targeting

The ad layout is shown in the mocks above. Sponsored Content omits a few ad slots, and does not refresh any ad slot. This behavior allows for an appropriate ad experience for 100% share-of-voice campaigns.

After the campaign ends the sponsored post continues to have badging and labelling that it is sponsored, but it returns to the normal pool of run-of-site inventory, and is available for other ad campaigns. This happens automatically once the sponsored line items for the ad adjacencies end.

Managed Services versus Self-Serve

All ad zones must be targeted on a sponsored post. If not, then network ads will be able to serve on the page. 

  • Managed Services: Let solutions know if you are running all sizes, or if you need certain ad zones collapsed. 
  • Self-Serve: Target ads to all zones on the page, or add a 7x7 creative targeted to an zone you do not want visible to collapse it. 
Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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