Understanding Ad Formats and Terminology


There are several different types of ads you may sell or see running across your site on Tempest. The digital media landscape is always changing and we are always working to ensure the ads available to you are of the highest quality.


Here is a list of different types of ads currently available on Tempest as defined by the IAB:

  • Outstream - A video ad served outside of an on-page video player. Outstream video ads inject a video player between paragraphs of text, typically without sound. Once the video ad ends, the player collapses.  Typically these ads are 15-30 seconds. To learn more information about trafficking these types of ads, click here.
  • In-Banner Video - Ads that are triggered within a standard display banner ad usually within traditional sizes (300x250).  In-Banner Video ads should not include auto-play sound but can have muted auto-play video.
  • Rich Media - Any digital advertising that includes advanced features like video, audio, or other elements that encourage users to interact with the creative. Rich Media ads go beyond text and pictures including additional features.
  • Expandable Rich Media - Rich Media ads that include an expanded state generally activated upon a user initiated click or prolonged hover with a count down. The expanded state can include auto-play video with sound and other interactive components. Because the expansion is user initiated, the full screen stage is an acceptable ad format.
  • Pre-roll - A video ad that plays in a video player before a content video or live stream. Typically pre-roll videos are 15-30 seconds. For more information about trafficking these types of ads, click here.
  • Standard Banner (sizes) - Traditional digital media ads in 
    250x250 - square
    200x200 - small square
    728x90 - leaderboard
    300x250 - rectangle
    160x600 - skyscraper
    300x600 - half page
    970x90 - large leaderboard
    320x50 - mobile leaderboard

    Non-traditional sizes
    sticky footer (desktop)
    970x250 - billboard
  • Interstitial - Generally full-page ads displayed before a reader can experience the content on a page. These can also be called pop-ups and full screen ads. As of 2018, these are ranked as one of the worst ad experiences for readers. Google will start blocking all ads on a site if interstitials are running. 


Flexible Ad Units - IAB has transitioned from standard fixed pixel ad sizes to recommending flexible ad units that transition seamlessly from one screen size to another. The new specs are based on aspect ratios rather than the more commonly known pixel size. Aspect ratios include:

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