Getting Started guide for Tempest Contributors


This guide presents the steps necessary to get started with Tempest for Contributors. It covers logging in to Tempest, accessing a site, publishing your author profile, and creating and publishing content.

Logging In

To log into Tempest, go to and click “Login or Register”. There are two options to log in: Google or Email, which option you choose will depend on how your account was set up—in most cases you will need to use the Email option, even if your email account is powered by Google.  See this FAQ for more information.

  • To log in with Google, click the “Login with Google” button which will display a Google account chooser or login prompt, and you’ll either select the account you want to use or enter your Google email and password.
  • To login with email, just enter your email address into the email address field and click the > button below to submit it. This will send you a link you can use to log in, you will not enter a password.
NOTE: If your account was created for you by an administrator or migrated from a previous CMS, you will most likely need to use the Email option, even if your email is connected to a Google account.

To log in using email, enter the email address associated with your account in the email field and click the > button below the field. Like this:


You will receive an email with a link to click to sign in. The link must be clicked within 15 minutes of sending, and can be used only once. It is necessary to receive and click a new link every time you sign in. You will remain signed in for the duration of the browser session for up to 24 hours.

For more details on logging in, see this guide.

Accessing a Tempest Site

Once you’ve signed in, you should either see a list of all Tempest sites to which you have access or be taken directly to the last site you accessed. If you do not have access to any Tempest sites, you will need to request access.

To request access to a site, use the following steps:

  1. Begin typing in the site you'd like to access in the "Request access to" field.
  2. When the the site you want to access appears in the list, click the name of the site.
  3. Once the site is selected, click  "Request Access."

You will need to notify the site admin or an editor that you’ve requested access so that they can approve your account. If you do not know the site admin or editor to contact, please send an email to and we will direct your request.

Publishing your Author Profile

Before you can publish any content, it is necessary to create and publish your Author Profile. If you’ve not done this, you should be taken directly to your Profile as soon as you access the site. You can also access and edit your profile any time by clicking the Tempest logo in the upper-left corner and clicking “My Profile” below your name, shown here:


Once you added the information you’d like included on your Profile, click the blue “Publish” button and choose “Publish Now”.

For detailed information on Author Profiles, see this guide.
NOTE: If you have access to more than one site, it’s necessary to create and publish a Profile on each site; they are not shared. 

Creating and Publishing Content

Once your Author Profile has been published, you can create and publish content. To publish an Article, click the Tempest logo in the upper-left corner to expand the side bar and click the “+ Create Content” button and select the type of content to create (in most cases, this is “Article”).

This will take you to the Composer where you can add the Title, Dek and Body content. In order to publish the article the Section, Author and Slug must be defined. Once these are set, you can publish the article or schedule it for publication at a later date or time by clicking the “Publish” button and choosing “Publish now” or “Schedule”.

For complete information on creating and publishing an article, see this guide.


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