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What Is Apple News?

In June 2015 at WWDC, Apple announced a new News app for iOS. This News app replaced Apple Newsstand App. News is the app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that delivers articles from a variety of sources, including newspapers, magazines, and websites. Articles are organized into channels (publications) and assigned to topics.

The goal of this new application was to provide publishers with an easy way to distribute content into this channel via RSS feeds, and to marry that with a magazine like reading experience. The content published to this channel can be discovered by readers on their Apple device by accessing the News app. Users can follow the channels and topics that interest them most. The more they read, the more personalized the News app becomes. The "For You" section in the News app displays articles from the channels and topics the user follows that best match their interests. News requires iOS 9 or later.

News Publisher is the iCloud application sites use to publish articles to News. It supports two publishing formats—RSS and Apple News Format (ANF).

How Does Tempest Integrate with Apple News?

Tempest integrates with Apple News via RSS feed or directly via an API integration.

Are There Advantages to Using the API Integration? 

There are a number of advantages to using the API integration:

  • Content is formatted for all iOS devices automatically.
  • Content renders faster than articles delivered through RSS.
  • Layouts can include custom typography, images, and linked text.
  • Analytics tools measure article traffic and more.
  • Content published in Apple News Format can be monetized via advertising. (Note: this is not yet possible, as we're investigating how to manage monetization via DFP.)
  • Apple will promote content published in Apple News Format, but not content consumed via RSS.

How Can I Use the RSS Integration?

If integrating with RSS, partners should submit their Full RSS Feed when applying to Apple News. We follow the best practices for RSS content to ensure that our partner's content looks as best as possible in this environment. Partners should submit their Full RSS Feed when applying to Apple News.

For support, we outlined the steps to onboard to Apple News via RSS feed below.
For additional FAQ support see:
How can I Register as a Publisher?
Learn more about registering for Apple news here:


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