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How is Alt Text populated for images I upload?

Historically, the alt text of images was being auto-populated from the image caption, and if there was no image caption it was pulled from the image title. We wanted to give publishers additional control over what exactly was displayed for alt text, and have added a new alt text field to each image. As this is a new field, this appears blank now, but do not fear, the alt text of your image is still being pulled from either the image caption, or if there is no caption, the image title. Moving forward you can edit the alt text for images so that you are able to have additional control over what alt text displays for each image. The alt text can be very descriptive as to the subject matter of the image. Please see below for guidance on how to best leverage this field moving forward.

How do I leverage the new image metadata fields to improve SEO?

We have a lot of new fields to empower our publishers to better manage image metadata. This is incredibly important for SEO. Learn what each of these fields mean and how to best leverage them.


This is inherited from the filename of the image you upload into the Photo Library. The title should be a good description of the subject matter of the image. This means that instead of adding an image with a title “file_1” you would want to name the file “german-chocolate-cake”. The more contextually relevant your title the better the image will perform in search rankings. The title of the image cannot be modified once it is uploaded so please be sure to name the image file before uploading it to Tempest.

Alt Text

The alt attribute is used to describe the contents of an image. It is important for two reasons:

  1. It provides search engines with useful information about the subject matter of the image. Search engines use this information to help determine the best image to return for a user’s query.
  2. Many people -- like those with visual impairments, or people using screen readers -- may not be able to see images on your page. Descriptive alt text fills in the gap for users who cannot see the image.

There are no clear rules on how long alt text can be or should be. The significance of this field is to be descriptive but not excessive. We would recommend that the alt text be no longer than 150 characters. That said, there is no evidence that you will be penalized for having an alt text that exceeds that length.

Please Note: If this field is left blank, Tempest will set the alt text as the image caption, and if there is no image caption, it will use the image title. This ensures the alt text is never blank on the front end. 


Give credit where credit is due. Add a source name and URL -- if you want to link out to the source -- to properly credit your images. You only have to set the attribution once. This is automatically ported with the image whenever it is embedded into content.

Image Details

These details represent static attributes of the image such as the size, file type, and the live URL where this image lives on the web. These details cannot be edited which is why they are read-only.

When I make changes to metadata, how do I know when those changes are live?

Changes to image metadata will be reflected in any updated/republished posts, and/or posts that are created and published since the metadata change was made. If the posts are not manually republished/updated they will be reindexed within 24 hours to automatically display the image metadata changes.

Why do I not see the "delete" option when managing images?

The delete functionality is only available to editors but can be extended to other roles per your request, just write into 

What happens when I delete an image?

When an image is deleted from the Photo Library it is replaced with a “missing image” alert in the CMS. In the reader experience, deleted images are replaced with a standard “broken image” browser icon. Deleting images should be paired with replacing the image with another one that is better suited.

How do I add captions to an image?

Captions should be added to the image from the main editor. This allows captions to be carefully curated per post.

How do I add captions to images in a Gallery?

Gallery image captions can be added as part of the Gallery settings. This interaction has not changed at all. Simply click on the Gallery edit button, see your list of images, add new images, and include image captions where you see relevant.


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