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Q: What is the difference between Instant Articles and Social Publishing?

A: Instant Articles does not publish the content to a Facebook Page. It simply makes the content available in this performant format. Meaning, if a publisher were to promote an article on their Facebook page with a Facebook Post, or if someone shared it from the publisher's website and their friend clicked on the link from their newsfeed, it would render as an Instant Article. The Instant Article feature does not handle anything related to content marketing or sharing this content to people within Facebook. Publishing to a Facebook Page — meaning, crafting a Post to a Facebook Page from within Tempest — is what we are solving for with Social Publishing. 

Q: What happens if a content item is scheduled, a post is scheduled to Post with Content, but then the content item is rescheduled for a different day/time?

A: It is possible that a user schedules an article to publish on a particular day/time, selects the Post with Content option. and then the user reschedules the article publish date. I have outlined what happens in this case:

  • User schedules article to publish for X date
  • User schedules a Post to Publish with Content
  • User reschedules the article for Y date
  • The Post is rescheduled for Y date since it is marked to Post with Content. It inherits the master content item's publishing lifecycle.
Q: What happens if a content item was scheduled, has scheduled Social Posts, but then the content item is canceled?

A: If a scheduled content item is cancelled and it had social posts Scheduled or set to Post with Content, they will all get canceled as well. This means all Posts will be wiped and the user will have a blank slate to start over.

Q: What happens if for some reason the content is unpublished when a social post is supposed to go out?

A: It is possible that a content item that was scheduled to be published and/or scheduled for the future is unpublished and/or broken out of this cycle at some point in time. In order to solve for the case, if a content item is not live at the time a social post is scheduled, the social post will fail. This is a fail safe to prevent users from posting to Facebook and pointing to a URL that is a 404.

Q: What happens if an image was added to Promo Image, it was pre-seeded into a Post, but then the Image was DELETED by the site. What will happen to the Post?

A: If the image added to the Facebook Post is deleted, the Post will still be published, but with no image. 

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