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All Tempest sites must be configured for Social Publishing in order for this feature to be available. If you do not see this tool bar and want to configure your site, please reach out to

Publishing Tool Bar and Social Publishing

Social Publishing is made available in the Publishing Tool bar under the Share Tab.


By selecting this tab, users will be taken to a view dedicated to Social Publishing. We call this the Manage Social Posts view. Users can navigate back to the main Editor by selecting the Edit tab. 


Note that the old Share prompt from the Non-Social Publishing, Publishing Toolbar has been moved to the Share view. This button has also been renamed Copy Link. See old share bar for reference.


The workflow was designed to provide users a separate place to craft and optimize for Social. This workflow is not blocked by any editorial work. If user A is composing an article, user B will be able to access the Social tab and optimize the post for Social. They will not be locked out and/or put into read only. In short, Social Publishing has dedicated workflow that a user can either enter into after they publish a content item and/or proactively curate before the content item is scheduled/published.

Manage Social Posts View

The Manage Social Posts view includes a list of all Social Posts associated with a piece of content. This includes Posts that are live and Posts that have been Scheduled.


If no Social Posts have been created for the content item, the Manage Social Posts view will look like the following:


The status of the Posts is indicated by the bubble to the far right. If the user hovers they will see either a success (green) or scheduled (yellow) tool tip notation.


If this bubble is red, it means that there was a failure which will also be communicated by the tooltip as well as a message beneath the post.

The pencil icon offers a short menu of options to the user which varies depending on the Post status.

A live Post can be Viewed or Reposted. A user may Repost a well performing Post.


A scheduled post can be Viewed or Canceled. A user may Cancel a scheduled Post if they changed their mind and/or prefer to craft another Post with different messaging for that day/time. We do not allow users to Edit a scheduled Post. 

Posting from Manage Social Posts View

Post Editor

From Manage Social Posts users can select the blue Post button to craft a Facebook Post.


This opens up a Post modal, or Post Editor. The visual design provides a preview of what this content will look like as a post within the Facebook application.


Post Editor Fields

The Post Editor includes the following fields:

  • Message - This is the equivalent to the status update on the Facebook Post.
  • Photo - This is the Photo that appears in the Link Card that is shared to Facebook.
  • Title (required) - This is the Title of the content that appears in the Link Card that is shared to Facebook.
  • Description - This is the Description of the content that appears in the Link Card that is shared to Facebook.

Facebook requires both a Photo and Title be defined in order for a Post to be valid.

Social Post and Promo Information

This Post editor will be pre-seeded with Promo information to remove some of the friction in generating a Post from scratch. This includes the Title, Photo and Description (pulls from the Teaser). If there is no Promo information and/or not all the promo information is readily available for the content item, the modal will appear blank or will just not be pre-seeded with those values. For example, if you have both the Promo Title and Promo Image defined but not the Teaser, the Promo Title and Promo Image will be pre-seeded.

With No Promo Information Defined


With Promo Title, Title, Image and Teaser Defined


Users can easily clear these fields and add their own media and copy which is THE BEST PRACTICE. 

If the content item is scheduled, a user can Post with Content or Schedule for anytime after the day/time that the content item is scheduled. This is re-enforced by the scheduler tool in the CMS; we will not allow users to select a day/time that predates that of the content item's scheduled day/time.


Once the Post is created it will appear in the Manage Social Posts view.

Integrated Social Publishing Workflow

The workflow provided by the Manage Social Posts view is designed to provide users a separate place to craft and optimize for Social. This workflow is not blocked by any editorial work and is not at all required in order to publish a content item.

We also offer Integrated Social Publishing. In this workflow we surface a prompt to Post to Facebook when the user publishes and/or schedules a post.


This is a helpful reminder that the user may want to consider the content marketing/social media strategy surrounding the post, but is not disruptive to their editorial workflow. 

Social Post on Facebook

By default, all Facebook Posts pushed from Tempest are Link Posts. Data directly from Facebook demonstrates that the Link Post format is by far the most performant. The Link Post format includes a message, image, title, and description.  Following is how the post appears if you are an admin on the page.

There is a "Published by" tag which identifies the Facebook App that is publishing to the Facebook Page. This shows when you are viewing the post as a page admin.  In our case, this will note Tempest as the application that published the Post on behalf of the Publisher. This Tempest text is linked to Note that this only appears if you (as a logged-in Facebook user) have a role on the specific page. If you do not, it will not appear.


Non-admin users on Facebook will see the post without the "Published by Tempest" notation. You can see this view as an admin if you choose the "View as Page Visitor" option.


Supported Content Types

This feature is available to the following content types:

  • content article
  • content recipe
  • content product
  • content organization
  • content person
  • content rich term
  • content section
  • content basic page
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