Quotes and Syndication Channels


Inherits site styles and mirrors mobile rendering.

Facebook Instant Articles

We apply the default configuration made available by Facebook for Instant Articles:


Pull Quote:

Please note: Publishers can always enter into the Facebook UI to apply more specific styles. This is considered best practice when setting up Instant Articles for the first time and should also be audited with some frequency when new features are released to optimize the visual presentation in this channel. See here for detailed steps in how to make design changes in the Facebook UI.

Apple News

The below is an example of the Pull Quote and Blockquote Styling in Apple News across various devices. More styling options may become available via the API in the future.

Google News

Publishers that participate in Google News provide a dedicated Google News XML sitemap to get content into this channel. When content is surfaced in this channel, it links back to the site. As a result, the presentation of the content is not a concern for this channel.

Google Newsstand

We provide an RSS feed for content to be rendered in Google Newsstand. The RSS feed format includes Pull Quotes in an <aside> and blockquotes in a <blockquote> element. Presumably, these are understood by the Google Newsstand RSS reader and rendered accordingly.

RSS Feeds

Pull Quotes are in an <aside> and Blockquotes are in a <blockquote> meeting industry standards. Here is an example snippet:

<!-- tml-version="2" --><aside><p>This is a pull quote</p></aside><p>There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don't look even slightly believable. If you are going to use a passage of Lorem Ipsum, you need to be sure there isn't anything embarrassing hidden in the middle of text. </p><blockquote><p><strong>This is a blockquote</strong></p></blockquote>

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