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What about existing quotes, what happens?

All existing quotes will have the new Blockquote default styling applied – unless sites have additional style overrides applied.

While alignment is not supported for Blockquotes moving forward, we will be preserving alignment for historical content. This means that wrap-left, wrap-right, inline, breakout will all be supported. These all degrade to inline on mobile.

Moving forward, users will not have an option to assign alignment to Blockquotes.

Pull Quotes are new all together. They will not be applied to any existing content and can only be leveraged by publishers once the feature is live. This can be applied to historical and/or new content as publishers see fit.

Can you customize this per content item?

Blockquotes and Pull Quote styling can only be customized at the site-level. We currently do not support content item level overrides. That said, this is definitely something we want to consider for future development. 


Can you add attribution to a Pull Quote?

We do not support the ability to assign attribution to content within the body. We only support attribution for photos in Tempest. That said, we do believe that there is value to introducing this type of feature, specifically for Blockquotes since they are external sources.

How does a Pull Quote differ in the markup from a Blockquote?

The markup for a Pull Quote is an <aside> which indicates that this content should be ignored and/or not considered as part of the larger whole. That is because Pull Quotes by definition are snippets pulled out of the main body of content to draw emphasis. In this way they duplicate the body content. So as not to duplicate this in the markup, an <aside> is used to distinguish this as "other" content and not part of the whole.

Blockquotes by contrast are housed in a <blockquote> element which is considered part of the body or whole. This makes sense given that Blockquotes are intended to house content from external sources, and therefore are called out in a special way to "cite" the source. This content is not duplicated from the body to draw emphasis and should be considered as part of the body text.

Can users easily share a Quote?

We have seen some examples whereby users can actually click/tap to share a Pull Quote, whereby this automatically populates a share widget with the Pull Quote data and a link to the article. This is not a feature we currently support but is definitely something we should consider for future development.

How do the site's Typography settings and Pull Quote/Blockquote Stylings interact?

Site's can define typography to include things like text transforms ie. setting all the text to uppercase. When using a typography for Blockquotes and Pull Quotes those fonts will be inherited. However, we do allow Text Transforms to also be defined for Pull Quotes and Blockquotes ie. a site can have no text styles or upper case. This allows sites to have overrides for their Typography settings. If a site has the typography set to transform uppercase, but the Blockquote or Pull Quote styling confirm has this set to none, the quotes will not have this Text Transform applied. This allows for greater customization and control for quote styles specifically.

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