Tempest Recipes are formatted to best display all the elements of a recipe including ingredients, preparation steps and nutritional information as well as custom fields. Additionally, Tempest Recipes follow best practices for structured data from guidelines ensuring that your recipes are optimized for SEO.

To add Recipes to your site and start creating Recipe content, please reach out to Support to make the request.

Required Schema

We defined a list of standard properties for our Recipe object which are based off of guidelines.

Each of these properties will appear by default in the Recipe form in the CMS. None of these properties are required to publish. 

There are several benefits to following the guidelines which include empowering Tempest to search just recipes (instead of the entire site), and to provide context to search engines, enabling the use of rich snippets by sites such as Google and Pinterest (think Rich Pins).

The below are the standard Recipe properties and their associated labels in the CMS:

  • instructions_tml - Instructions

  • narrative_tml - Narrative (not part of

  • ingredients - Ingredients

  • meal_type - Recipe Category

  • cooking_style - Cooking Method

  • recipe_cuisine - Recipe Cuisine

  • prep_time - Prep Time (minutes)

  • cook_time - Cook Time (minutes)

  • duration - Duration (minutes)

  • serving_size_description - Serving Size (servings)

Standard Vocabularies for Recipes 

When adding Recipes to your site, we will create the following vocabularies that you can find and manage under "Manage Vocabularies and Rich Terms". For more information on Vocabularies and Rich Terms please see: Vocabularies and Rich Terms

  • “Recipe Category”

  • “Cooking Method”

  • “Recipe Cuisine”

These standard vocabularies are required metadata for recipe objects and will be useful for faceted search across the site when we build that feature. The recipe form in the CMS will include fields for each of these vocabularies just like you see fields for rich terms. 

Associated Vocabularies for Recipes

We allow for every site to customize how recipes are created and what metadata is associated with them. You can create additional vocabularies for recipes that are specific to your site and audience.

Some examples of Associated Vocabs include Holiday, Dietary Restriction, Season, etc.

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