Stamped Vocabularies


What Is a Stamp?

  • A Stamp is way to prominently identify content as part of a particular collection on both hub and detail pages.
  • A collection could be a Brand, a Season, a Cuisine Type, an Issue. The options are endless.

Vocabularies & Stamps

  • Stamps can only be turned on for 1 vocabulary at a time and require Support assistance.
  • Users can create 1 vocabulary called Stamps to house any/all Stamps they may want to use on the site.
  • Other users may enable this setting on 1 vocabulary, like Seasons or Brand, to use on their site.

Stamps & Rich Term Editor

  • If the Stamp feature is enabled for a specific vocabulary, a new field in Stamp group will appear in the Rich Term Editor to allow users to define the Stamp.
  • Stamps can be either flat text or an image, not both.
  • If an image and flat text are added, the image will take precedence.

Managing Stamp Image Assets

  • Stamp assets should be an SVG. 
  • We recommend providing the highest quality image possible.
  • The image should be on a transparent background
  • The image will be scaled down to fit within a 140x25px region without cropping or stretching. This means that there is no maximum width or height because we will resize the image to fit within this viewable area. This also means that the aspect ratio will be preserved since the image is never cropped, but it will be scaled down to fit within that viewable area. 
  • "provide the highest quality asset you have as an SVG on a transparent background, which will be scaled down to be no wider than 140px and no taller than 24px."

Assigning a Stamp to Content

  • Only 1 Stamp can be added to a content item at a time.
  • The field type will appear as a single UI select with an icon displaying the Stamp as a visual cue to the user.
  • If a vocabulary has Stamp enabled > disabled > enabled (again) and multiple rich terms from the vocabulary were added to the content item, we will pick the first rich term in the list to treat as the Stamp.

Stamps & Detail Pages

  • When a rich term Stamp is assigned to a content item, it will be displayed at the top of the detail page.
  • Stamps will appear on all detail page types across all devices.

Stamps & Sponsored Content

  • When a rich term Stamp is assigned to a content item that is Sponsored, the Stamp will still appear at the top of the detail page.
  • We will be retaining the “Sponsored Story” label on Sponsored Content.

Stamps & Syndication

  • Stamps will be listed in the <category> tag for RSS feeds
  • Stamps will be made visible on AMP pages
  • Stamps will be made visible on FBIA pages
  • Section labels will be removed from AMP pages

Stamps and Paywalled Content

  • The Stamps display per usual on Paywalled content.
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