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Site programming provides a way to manually populate content into designated areas on your site. Most sites have at least these three areas into which content can be programmed, these are:

  • Coverlines
  • Cover Hero
  • Cover Subhero(es)

However, exactly which areas can display programmed content depends on your site’s configuration. Content can be programmed into almost any type of component. If you’d like to add additional Content Blocks for Site Programming so you can program content on different areas of the site, please contact our the Tempest support team at

Basics of Site Programming

If you'd rather watch a short video that explains the basics of site programming. This video will give you a quick snapshot of how to find and use this tool. 

Using Site Programming

To access the Site Programming area of the CMS, click the Tempest logo in the top left and select Site Programming from the menu.



This will open the Site Programming page. Here's an example. 



There are two main areas of the Site Programming page:

  • The Timeline, where the current schedule of content is displayed and where you can add, adjust and remove programmed content,
  • The Content Selection sidebar, where you can find content to add to the Timeline, and

Between these two is a menu with options to change the context of the sidebar in order to select and add different types of content.

What Does This Look Like on This Page?



Adding Content to the Timeline

For programmed content to appear on the site, it must be added to the Timeline. The default and most common method to add content to the timeline is to search for a published or scheduled content item on the right hand sidebar. It’s possible to search for anything here - and the search results can be filtered by content type. Once the item has been identified in the sidebar, the you can simply drag and drop the item into the site programming grid for whichever component you would like to program.

Note that only items that are published or scheduled to be published can be programmed. If an item is programmed to appear on the site before it is scheduled to be published, it will not be visible until it is published.


It is also possible to add links to external pages or content that is not found in the search section. To do this, click the icon of “gears” in the bar between the Content Selection sidebar and the Timeline. This will change the Content Selection sidebar to the “Custom Content” panel.

Note that it is necessary to click Save All to confirm and save any changes made to Site Programming. Navigating away from the Site Programming page without clicking Save All will cause all changes made to be reverted.

Managing Content in the Timeline

Once the item has been identified in the sidebar, the time it will be displayed in the component can be adjusted by extending the item’s box over a period of time for which the item should appear ie. over a set of hours, days, or weeks. To adjust the starting time for the item to be active in the component move the cursor to the left side of the item’s block until the cursor becomes a left arrow ←, and then click and drag the left edge of the block. Similarly, the end time can be adjusted by dragging the right side of the block. To adjust the item’s start and end times simultaneously, click and drag in the middle of the the block.


When an item is selected on the site programming grid it is highlighted in green. There are two additional icons that appear on the item which include a trash can -- to remove the item from site programming -- and a gear icon. If the gear icon is selected a modal window will pop up with a variety of fields that can be overridden. This includes the ability to override the image, to use the image only/hide the text, to override the displayed title, and override the displayed label. This is also where you will find the option to program an item infinitely instead of for a set period of time. Items that are programmed indefinitely can have a definite start time, but do not have an end time; it is possible to program another item into a block before an indefinitely programmed item, but not after.

Previewing Programmed Components

There are two vertical bars on the Timeline, a red bar and a blue bar. The red bar indicates the current time, the blue bar is draggable and sets the Preview Time. You can preview how programmed components will look at the time set by the blue preview bar by clicking the preview button in the lower right corner. Note that only changes which have been saved will be reflected in the preview, so it is necessary to click Save All before entering the preview in order to preview what is currently shown in the Timeline.

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