Tempest Interstitial Promotions (pop-ups)


An Interstitial Promotion is a "pop-up" window that can be set to appear on a Tempest site. They can be used to promote a MailChimp newsletter signup or link to any page (internal or external).


The Interstitial consists of 4 sections:

  • Image (640px x 360px)
  • Headline
  • Dek
  • Newsletter Signup Form or Button


The typography for the headline and the dek matches the typography for the headlines and body text elsewhere on the site. Button style will also match the style for buttons across the site. Note that the styling of the Interstitial Promo cannot be adjusted independently of the styling for these elements site-wide.


The Interstitial Promo can be appear for either repeat visitors (after a specified number of visits within a designated period) or for first time visitors (who have not been on the site for a designated period). The time periods are configurable.

Additionally, the Promo can be set to appear only on the Homepage, or on specific types of content pages (Articles, Recipes, etc) or on all pages.

The promo can be dismissed by the user by clicking the X in the upper right corner; this will prevent it from being shown to that user for a configurable amount of time (default is 30 days.)

How to Enable

The Interstitial Promo must be set up through Tempest Support. Please create a ticket or send an email to to set this up. Please provide the following with your request:

  • An image that is 640x360 PNG or JPG.
  • The text to use for the Headline
  • The text to use for the Dek
  • If using the newsletter signup form, the MailChimp API key and List ID
  • If using a button, the URL and the text for the button
  • Your targeting parameters (new or returning visitors, which page types, etc)
Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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