Mobile Header Ad Zone Improvements

In Q3 of 2018 we began tests to improve the performance and viewability of the header ad zone. Our goal was to get the average viewability above 40% across the platform. We tested 3 different placements on mobile devices:
  1. Above the nav / masthead
  2. Immediately below the nav
  3. Below the first element of content
    —Hub hero, image, paragraph
For both variation 1 and variation 2, average viewability remained the same, at roughly 30-35%. With test 3, viewability increased to above 40% (in some cases much higher).

Variation 3 meets the following objectives:

  • On mobile, load the first screen of content quickly, with meaningful content (desirable for user experience and SEO)
  • Improve the average viewability
  • Allow for supporting more types of ad formats (larger sizes, native ads, video, etc.)
This screenshot illustrates the location of the new header ad zone position on size A.

Placement Details for Header Ad Zone on Mobile

Hub Pages

Ad should be inserted below the first component (excluding sub-nav & search box) if it is a “single piece of content” type component. Generally this is intended to be immediately below the “hero” element or hub header.

Otherwise, it should be above the components (example: search page, or page with list hub & no hub header)

Featured Media & Video Pages

Pages which have a full bleed element as the initial content should have the ad placed immediately below full bleed element (image / video).

Product Pages

On size A the ad should be placed below the title, image & “buy” buttons. It should be placed below the specs but above the “body” content for the product.

Person Pages

The ad should be placed below the “person abstract” and above the body content. Generally this would be ordered top down: person photo, name, person abstract, Header Ad, body content

Organization Pages

Ad should be placed below the contact information, above the body content.

Recipe Pages

The ad should be placed below the first non-heading element of the body content (generally an image or paragraph).

Article Pages

The ad should be placed below the first non-heading element of the body content (generally an image or paragraph).

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