Creating an Author to Publish on Maven from Tempest


In order to publish to Maven from Tempest users will need three things:

1. A Maven user account within a channel.
2. A Tempest user login.
3. A Tempest author profile with a link to the Maven user.
Create a Maven User Account Within a Channel

Existing Maven Authors: If you have an existing Maven User Account within your channel, you will need to log in and find the URL for this profile to add to your Tempest Author Profile.

To do this, log in to Channel. From Top Stories, click the hamburger menu, select Users, and search using the email address or username. Copy the URL in the browser bar. 


URL Structure:


Example URL:

Once you have this, you can move on to Creating a Tempest User Login and then a Tempest Author Profile.

Create a Tempest Login

Once a user has been created in Maven you will then need to log in to Tempest for the first time and be approved by a Site Administrator. 

This guide outlines for logging into Tempest for the first time can be found here.  

After your Tempest user has been approved by a Site Admin, create a Tempest Author Profile. 

Create a Tempest Author Profile With a Link to the Maven User

The final step to publishing from Tempest is to set up an Author Profile, along with the URL from the Maven author profile. This process is outlined in this guide

You must add the Maven user URL to the Tempest Author profile. To do this, open the Tempest Author Profile and expand the section that says, Social Links. Add the Maven user URL to the Website field. 

Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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