How to Publish an Article to Maven from Tempest Editor

Log in to Tempest CMS at

From the Admin Panel go to Content > Articles


Click + Create Article


Building an Article to Publish


Featured Image on Maven: Above the Title field. Click Media Library to upload an image. Will be used as Featured Image on Maven unless Promo Image is added (see below).

Title: Used as the Article Title in Maven. There is no character limit, but at least 30 characters is recommended in order to have the Title and Summary appear on separate lines in channels.

Dek: Used as Story Summary on Maven. There is no character limit.

Body: This is where you build the article. 

Embeds to build an article

Adding Text: Start typing to add text
You are able to stylize the text as Bold, Italic, or add a Text Link. 

In addition, you can format text with Bullets, Numbers, Headers, Pull Quotes by clicking the pencil icon next to the text. 


Start a new paragraph and click the blue + symbol to add the following embeds:


Media (Photos or Video): 

Add photos are videos to an article from the Media embed link or the Media Library in the admin panel. You can learn more about uploading images and video to the Media Library here


At this time, Content and Photo Galleries will both appear the same way in Maven. You can create your Gallery with either Content or Photo and it will render on your Maven site. You can learn more about setting up a Gallery here


To embed a third party (Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, etc) you can add them from the Embed. You can learn more about supported embed here


Tables allow you to format data in your article. You can learn more about configuring tables here

Required fields for publishing to Maven:

Featured Image or Promo Image:

You must have a Featured Image (Above Title field) or Promo Image to publish. If you have both, then Promo Image will be used as the Featured Image on Maven.

Primary Section: Must be a configured room

Author: Must be a published Tempest author profile that has a link configured to a published Maven author profile. The URL of the published Maven author profile must be added to the Website social field in the Tempest author profile. This guide goes into this in depth. 

Slug: Copy and paste title. A slug is required to publish, though it is not used at this time in Maven; a slug is automatically generated by Maven from the title. Best practice is to copy and paste the title because the slug must exist and be unique in order to publish onto Maven from Tempest.



The Tempest Editor has many fields that are not yet compatible with Maven sites. Our roadmap includes improvements to streamline the publishing process from Tempest to Maven moving forward. 

Having trouble publishing? Reach out to for assistance. 

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