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How can I access the list of users who have followed my channel?

  • From your home page aka Top Stories open the menu in the upper left corner
    Select Users.
  • You may search by username, email or status (Group, Moderator, Publisher).
  • The list includes everyone who registered via your channel, Followed it, or made a comment on it.
  • You may download your list of users into a .csv file by clicking "Download users" at bottom of the screen. Note this creates a pop-up dialog, which your browser may try to block, so be sure to click "Ok" or "Allow" where prompted, and refresh the page if necessary.

How do I make someone a moderator?

  • The user must first create an account and Follow your channel.
  • If they’ve liked or commented on a conversation, their avatar will be visible—click on the avatar.
  • Or—from your home page open the menu in the upper left, select Users, look up the user and click their username.
  • This will take you to their User Profile.
  • Expand the User Moderation drop-down.
  • Scroll down and check the Moderator box.
  • You can make them a moderator channel-wide, or room-by-room by expanding the Room Moderation drop-down.

How do I ban users?

Banning should be a last resort. Before banning, consider sending a warning via DM (direct message)

  • Click their avatar or username to access their user profile page.
  • Click the User Moderation dropdown.
  • Your first set of choices are for channel-wide bans; or click Room Moderation to ban per-room.
  • You have several options for banning:
    • Read-Only—user can read all posts but cannot comment.
    • Full—user can neither read posts nor comment.
    • Shadow—user can see everything and post normally, but nobody else sees what they post.
    • Hide Avatar—check this if their avatar is inappropriate.
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