Troubleshooting Authentication Issues for Tempest Premium

Issue: Cannot log in after clicking the authentication link sent via email


You receive an email with a link to click to sign in, but after clicking the link you're asked to sign in again and must request a new link.

Causes and Solutions:

Authentication links can only be used once, and expire after 15 minutes. So, be sure that you're clicking the most recent link sent to you and not a previously used link, and that you're clicking the link within 15 minutes of sending it. You may need to request a new link and try again.

If you've already tried requesting a new link and had the same result, and you're clicking the link within 15 minutes, there may be a feature of your email provider or client that is causing the link to expire before you can click it. Some email providers have a feature that follows any links within messages you receive to check them for viruses & malware - these features are incompatible with our passwordless, email-only authentication system. There are three solutions:

  1. Turn off or bypass the security feature. Check with your email provider or email administrator if using a business email and see if it's possible to add an exception for emails sent from so that links in the log in emails we send are not followed.
  2. Use a different email address. Most free email proiders like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail do not have a feature that follows links, if you have one of these email addresses or want to make one, use that instead to sign up.
  3. Use an alternate authentication method. When registering, instead of entering your email address and clicking "Submit", choose either "Log in with Google" to use your Google credentials to log in, or "Log in with Facebook" to use your Facebook account. Neither of these options require us to send you an email or to click a link to log in.
Issue: Cannot see Exclusive content or still seeing ads.


You can successfully subscribe and log in, but when viewing the site after logging in you're still not able to view exclusive content on a site that has exclusive content or, for subscriptions to an ad-free experience if you're still seeing the ads. Note that not all subscriptions include exclusive content and not all are ad-free, only some offer both. Check the plan details if you're unsure what's expected.

Causes and Solutions:

  1. Check your subscription status. If your subscription has expired because it was cancelled or expired due to an issue processing your last payment, you may need to re-subscribe in order to receive the benefits while browsing the site. You can check your subscription status on your Account Dashboard; this is found by clicking your user icon (either an avatar or initials from your email address) found in the top right corner of the navigation menu on the site.
  2. If your subscription is active, or if you cannot see your user icon or the My Account option, check to make sure that your browser is set to accept third party cookies. Third party cookies are required in order to verify that you're logged in and provide your subscription benefits. For browser-specific information on how to verify that third-party cookies are enabled or how to enable them, see the following resources:
    1. Chrome:
    2. Safari ("Cross-site Tracking" must be allowed):
    3. Firefox:   
  3.  Make sure you're logging in using the original method you used to sign up. If you used Google/Gmail to sign up, you'll want to select that option. It's possible you're logging into your account using the wrong method, which means you won't see your membership.
    If you're still unable to log in, or if you log in but are not seeing your subscription benefits (exclusive content and/or ad-free experience) please send an email to and describe the issue you're experiencing and which site you're having trouble with so we can assist you further.
Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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