How to: Embed Videos

How to Embed Videos

To see the process for embedding a video in an article, watch this short video or follow the guide below:

Click here to view this video in a larger format


Step 1

In the Tempest Article Composer, click into an empty paragraph and click the+ icon that appears in the right-hand corner



Step 2

Select the Media option from the menu that opens - this will open your Media Library



Step 3

In the Media Library, select "Videos" from the top menu



Step 4

Select the Video you want to embed from your uploaded videos by clicking on it or add a new video by clicking the large + icon. Then click the blue "Insert" button.



The video will now be embedded in your article!


Video Alignment

Videos can be aligned in two different ways:

  • Inline (default): Image centered in line with body text. 
  • Breakout: Image breaks outside the content well, appearing slightly wider than the text body.

To align a video once it has been embedded in an article, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the video and click the pencil button in the bottom right corner
  2. Choose the alignment icon
  3. Select your preferred alignment



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