How to Add Images and Videos as Featured Media

You can set an image or video as the Featured Media on the following content types:

  • Articles
  • People
  • Recipes
  • Organizations


To do this, follow the steps listed below or watch this quick video tutorial:

Click here to view a larger versions of this tutorial


Adding Images and Videos as Featured Media

Step 1

In Tempest, open the content to which you want to add the image or video. 

You'll notice that content types that can have featured images and videos will have a gray box at the top prompting you to add featured media. Click on "Media Library" in this prompt. 



Step 2

Once "Media Library" is clicked, your Media Library will open, giving you the option to choose the media you want to add to the Featured Media slot. Select "Photos" or "Videos" at the top of the Media Library to view the type of media you want to add, click the image or video you are looking for, then click the blue "Insert" button that will appear at the bottom of the page. 



Step 3

Once your selected media is loaded to your content page, you'll be able to hover over the media, making a blue pencil icon appear in the bottom right corner. Clicking this icon will open a small menu with a few options. 


  • The small "i" will bring you to the Quick Edit page for your image or video, allowing you to make some small changes to the information for that media. For videos, you can change the video slug, meta description, primary section, stamps, rich terms, and enable or disable ads from this screen. For images, you can add alt text, a source, and a source URL for your photo.
  • The film reel icon in the middle of the menu will allow you to swap out your chosen image or video for a different one, even swapping from image to video and vice versa.
  • The trash can icon will remove the Featured Media altogether, leaving you with the gray box prompt seen in Step 1. 


Once your image or video is loaded in and edited to fit your preferences, it will be ready to publish!


Note that, if you've chosen to use a video, you can preview it on your content page before publishing by click the white arrow in the middle of the video image.



This will open a small media player and, if you click the white arrow on the media player, your video will play.




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